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NEW BERN, N.C. --The residents’ council is an organization of local citizens, faith-based institutions, youth, businesses and public agencies that strive to improve, maintain and promote the Duffyfield community.
 Greater  Duffyfield Residents Council (GDRC) began  in 2000 with the Strategic Plan adopted      by the City of New Bern Board of Aldermen on January 23, 2001. Organized to create a safe, clean, and      self-sustaining community that is diverse, yet unified, resulting in vitality      and community pride. This is an organized      effort between residents, concerned citizens, faith-based institution,      youth, businesses, public agencies, and law enforcement committed to      building an environmentally, socially, economically, and culturally sound      community. Efforts include reducing crime and increase safety, improve the      health of Greater Duffyfield residents and families, promote and maintain      a clean community, promote Greater Duffyfield as being investment worthy,      to include youth as full partners in the revitalization process, as well      as increased home ownership, encourage pride in all residents and honor,      support and recognize our elderly.

  • In 2002 the first DUFFEST was launched with      attendance of over 4000. 
  • We      have had many partners namely the City of New Bern staff, faith-based      organizations, volunteers, Twin Rivers Opportunities (HUD) (providing home      ownerships counseling), New Bern Real Estate, and CAHEC (through its first      round of Open Door Home Ownership Grants),Craven County, Habitat for      Humanity, Planet V. Rock, Neuse River Community Dev. Corp. (NRCDC),      Veterans Gardens, Craven County Master Gardner’s, Elks Zeno Lodge, Swiss      Bear, NCI, REVIVE 5. and many many others. It would not have been possible      without partnerships.
  • We      have hosted DUFFEST kings and Queens contests, Crop planting for the      Community Garden on K Street, Lawn and Garden Beautification Contests,      participated in Charity Bike Rides, Read In and Book Festival at Tyron      Palace, Community Health Fairs, National Night Out, Homeownership and      Investment Worthiness Workshops, emergency Preparedness Workshop, Bingo      for the elderly, Elderly Living Alone Workshop, Bully Workshop for Youth,      Aim Ahead Workshop for Youth, Leadership Workshop, National Forestry for      Tree Planting and others
  • We      assist elderly homeowners with minor repairs such as, replacement of      broken window, screen repair/replacement to doors, door knobs, mowing of      lawn, assistance in getting meds from pharmacy(transportation), check on      the elderly during inclement weather, etc.  We are striving to make Duffyfield a community of well rounded residents that will and can contribute to the betterment of New Bern, North Carolina.
  • Assistance is always needed, and we solicit your input, suggests, help or whatever part you can play in helping us obtain our goal.

Event History

For the past 17 years DUFFEST, a family oriented festival has been held.  It has been held in various locations, and the held location is at Henderson Park, located behind Stanley White Recreation Center, where it first started.  

Aside, from DUFFEST, we have a community garden located on K Street, where greens, vegetables and fruits are or will be planted.  This is a community effort to get the community involved in growing fresh vegetables for your physical well being.  You are invited to the monthly meetings and join the team and set up your bed of vegetables.  You will be responsible for the up keep and maintaining of it.

We also have health fairs, for the community to which all are invited to attend at no cost.  One will be forth coming in the near future.

Our Neighborhood Watch is in full bloom.  National Night will be held on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at Henderson Park.  There will be free school supplies given to the school age youth, at no charge.  We need your help and assistance, come out and join.  The meeting are held every 3rd  Thursday of each month at the West Street Christian Church, 721 West Street at 5:30 p.m. due to the damages substained at the Stanley White Recreation Center.


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